Surveys are a great way to EARN SOME MONEY!

A survey is a group of questions about a subject and usually has multiple choice answers or a scale to indicate level of response. They usually start with some initial screening questions to make sure you are the type of person they are looking for. The incentive is typically relative to the amount of time it should take to complete the survey and is usually between $1 to $5 although I have done some detailed ones that have paid as high as $15.

Surveys can be fun and a good foundation to your earnings plan!

I enjoy taking surveys because I learn about new products that may be coming out as well as things that currently exist but never heard of before.


There are 2 main ways that you can find surveys to take:

      • Survey Sites
      • Survey router on GPT site

Survey sites typically email you invitations to surveys that are available with a link that launches the survey. Many sites list the available surveys in a section on their site and you can start them from right there. Some of the busier sites will deliver additional surveys should you screen out of the one you were invited to. I find it especially appealing to earn from multiple surveys in one session!

GPT typically deliver surveys from a survey router that may be coming from many different companies. Compensation for these surveys are typically lower as the GPT site is keeping part of the compensation as commission. I wait until I have exhausted my direct survey opportunities however a good mode for additional survey opportunities.

The best approach is to sign up for all of them and then go back and fill out the profiles at each site. This should help in the pre-screening process and some sites won't even consider you without the profiles completed.

Now for the fun stuff, let's get signed up to some survey sites so we can start earning some money!

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Opinion Outpost

One of my favorite survey sites with lots of opportunities, nice reward compensation and immediate redemptions! What more could one desire in a survey site?

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is another one of my favorites which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. Receive up to $5 for each survey you complete, and up to $50 for completed specialist surveys.

Mindfield Online

Emailed survey invitations intermittantly with nice reward compensation and redemption options.

American Consumer Opinion

Emailed survey invitations intermittantly with generous cash compensation and payment via check or paypal.


Emailed survey invitations intermittantly with nice reward compensation and payment via check. This company has been around since 1999.


Global Test Market

A good site with depth of opportunities and definitely necessary for a core earner. You can usually take several surveys in a sitting but screen outs are common.

Survey Head

$5 Account opening bonus! A good site with depth of opportunities and definitely necessary for a core earner. You can usually take several surveys in a sitting but screen outs are common.

Ipsos I-Say Panel

A fun site with abundent opportunity and rewards.

Survey Spot

Another great SSI,inc site with lots of opportunities and quick paypal redeem!

Toluna Opinions

Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $2,500 sweepstakes when you register!

Harris Poll Online

Become a member of the Harris Poll Online. You will earn Harris Poll Online Rewards where you can redeem points for your opinions. Earn rewards that include a variety of merchandise and gift certificates.

Harris Poll Online

Consumer Village

Why just take surveys? Join the Consumer Village!

Consumer Village


Tell businesses about the products YOU want and earn rewards for taking surveys.


National Consumer Panel

Join the National Consumer Panel today to make your consumer voice heard and earn great rewards!

National Consumer Panel

Opinion World

Become part of OpinionWorld today for FREE and enter our Quarterly Cash Prize Draw for a chance to WIN $12,000!

Opinion World

Discovery TV Influencer

Your Opinion Counts! Join this unique panel and participate in important surveys that influence the products and services of tomorrow.

Discovery TV Influencer

Say So For Good

Penny for your thoughts? How about dollars for donation! Take a short survey online and we'll donate to your charity of your choice.

Say So For Good

Springboard America - (Males 18-34)

Join Springboard today and get paid for taking online polls.

Springboard America

Web Perpectives - Canadian only

Join Web Perspectives and participate in surveys for $2000 cash.

Web Perspectives - Canadian only