OK, now we know what we want to do and just need a plan of attack to work our time efficiently!

      • Paid Emails
      • Survey invitations via email
      • Survey opportunities at site
      • GPT offers

I start my day going through my email inbox and doing the paid-for emails 1st which cleans out a lot of my inbox.

I stop at a couple of the sites that have videos and complete those at this time while I am just about finished with my 1st cup of coffee.

Next I tend to the survey invitations in my inbox and usually do the higher paying ones first. I do these now as many times there is a limit as to how many people are accepted and if I wait the survey may get filled.

When done with invited surveys, I go back and do any other available surveys from the survey sites of which I am a member.

Now I go to the GPT/Task sites and do as many offers as possible. I look at the recently credited offers that other people have done to give me an idea of what might be quick and easy credit. I communicate with friends via email and chat to find out what easy offers they have recently done. I also take surveys on GPT/Task sites and do these when I exhaust the easy offers or for a change when I get bored of doing them.

Forward Progress and Keep moving because it all adds up!

These are probably the two most important thoughts that should be going through your mind as you are earning extra money. No individual offer earns a lot by itself but before you know it you have enough money to make it all worth while!