Paid To Click

There are many sites out there that will pay you to click on there advertising elements. This is made possible as advertisers pay the PTC sites to have traffic look at their ads. Typically the viewing time required is from a few seconds to maybe a minute or so. The credit earned is based on the time required and can be a couple cents to fractional for a basic 3 second click.

Now for the fun stuff, let's get signed up to some PTC sites so we can start earning some money!




One of my favorite PTC sites with lots of opportunities and 8 levels of referral downline! They have now added some offers as well to expand your earnings power! Redeem to PayPal, AlertPay and Liberty Reserve.


PTC site with many opportunities and a couple offer walls as well. Redeem to PayPal, AlertPay, Neteller and Liberty Reserve.


Relatively new site with low cashouts and nice referral program.