Getting started is easy and by following these steps you can start earning prizes and money immediately!

1. Email - It is highly recommended that you set up a new/additional email address(s) for this endeavor as the mailing lists and amount of junk email can be overwhelming to your primary email address. This email should be easy to access and you want to check it often as you will be receiving survey invitations, paid emails as well as confirmation emails that may need to be completed before compensation for many tasks.



That's it your ready to start earning!

Some other things to consider:

PO Box - Although I do not receive much junk postal mail, I use a post office box address for all offers mainly because I am a private person.

PrePaid Credit cards can be a valuable tool for doing trial offers which usually have nice rewards, although not all offers will accept them.



As you can see NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE is necessary to immediately be on your way to start earning some money and nice rewards!

All we need now is to put it all together with a game plan and you can EARN SOME MONEY TODAY!